Claire Seringhaus
Claire Seringhaus (b. 1983, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Current location: Bogotá, Colombia / Toronto, Canada.

Multi-disciplinary artist, performer and writer.

Claire's recent work has focused on the spoken voice as it relates to performed identity, technology and location. Her work plays with ideas of the voice as a performative tool and a space of transformation. She creates sound installations, audio pieces, videos, performances and texts.

In 2012, Conundrum Press published a collection of Claire's drawn work, titled The Blaring House.

Claire earned her B.A. hons. in Fine Art History from Trinity College at the University of Toronto, and her MFA in Public Art & New Artistic Strategies from the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. She also works as a professional translator, specializing in academic and art-related content in English, Spanish and German.

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